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Terms and conditions


We provide you knowledge and information about beauty care. You can contact us for any beauty related query. But, we do not challenge the medical advice given by your regular doctor or a medical health practitioner.


We do not offer any guarantee related to your beauty concerns or the services offered by the website. We only promise you to provide the best information related to the beauty topics. We do not claim to provide the latest information related to your beauty concerns. It is advised to consult your regular physician or a medical advisor to ask any questions related to your specific problem. You can change your diet or living habits after getting an
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No guarantee

We do not claim anything. We do not guarantee that the use of this website is error free and it has already been stated that we can remove any content anytime from the website without giving any prior notice to anyone.

Updating of terms and conditions

We are authorities to make any changes to the terms and conditions at any point of time without any notification to anyone or interference. You are bound to strictly comply with the rules and regulations of our company and therefore, it is requested that you should review the terms and conditions on a regular basis.

General rules

We do not claim to download the content or services from the website. Access to the content is prohibited for certain people and some countries. If you try to visit the website and go through the prohibited content, you do the same at your own risk and agree to the laws of your state. The provisions given here are valid till the expiration or termination of the terms and conditions.